About our Farm

A True Family Farm

George Hasselmann & FriendHasselmann Family Farm is a true family farm with three generations working side by side in the daily operations of their farm in Marengo, IL (only 60 miles from Chicago). Scott Hasselmann began his farming venture in 2005. Today, he oversees the total production of crops and livestock, while also handling marketing activities.  Scottʼs wife, Nena Hasselmann, monitors the quality of our eggs. She personally washes, grades, candles and packs every egg that leaves the farm. Scott and Nenaʼs two small children, George and Alexia, help with small livestock chores and collecting eggs.

Nenaʼs mother, Martha Lopez, also works and resides on the farm. She keeps everything “running smoothly” and assists with everyday chores including feeding the hogs, milking our family cow and tending to baby chicks. Scott’s mother, Barb, lent a hand with marketing and delivering orders and was a constant source of support up until her passing in September 2012. Scottʼs father and retired mushroom grower, George D. Hasselmann, also can be found working on the farm. He takes care of everything from delivering orders and hauling livestock to keeping the tractors and hay equipment maintained and running properly.

We have one part-time farm helper, Jaime Gomez, who is like family to us.  Jaime started at Hasselmann Farm in 2010 and has become a vital member of our operation.  Although he came to us with no previous livestock experience, he has blossomed into a natural farmhand with excellent animal husbandry skills. His primary job is to make sure all the livestock is well cared for – a nurturing job he does extremely well!  Jamie also helps with other chores from hay-making to cleaning pens to barn repairs.

In addition, we have three part-time volunteers who have proven vital to the operation by helping us with our growth and outreach.  Deb Blyth assists with farmers market sales, Jennifer Satut is in charge of website and social media development, and Karin Anderson is our Rockford Area sales manager.

Overall, it is a team effort at Hasselmann Family Farm! We value and truly enjoy working together with family and friends to produce healthy, tasty and humanely-raised food for our customers.


Did you know?

An egg yolk contains a high concentration of lutein and zeaxanthin, both key components of the human eye which aid in preserving good eye sight and help prevent vision loss. The more brightly orange colored the yolk the better it is nutritionally.

A few words from our customers.

I purchase a supply of meats, chicken, and eggs from the farm once a month. I have tried everything from leg of lamb to ground beef to bacon and pork roast. These are the best meat products I have ever enjoyed. It makes me feel good to know that the meats and eggs from Hasselmann Farm are safe and that the animals are humanely treated. Elizabeth