Whole and Half Hogs

We are now accepting deposits for whole & half hogs that will be available for delivery in September 2017.

Prices include processing and delivery, all the meat will come individually wrapped in easy to use portions. Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery after ordering. All of our bacon and hams are sodium nitrite and MSG free.   (Regular Pricing for 2017 will be $450 for a half hog $850.00 for whole hog.) Price includes processing, delivery and sales tax. Please note: All whole and half hogs must be paid for in full BEFORE THEY ARE DELIVERED.  

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A half hog will yield approximately the following cuts (approximate take home weight is 70 lbs):

  • 8-9 lb. Sausage (Choose one option: breakfast bulk sausage, Ground Pork, Italian Bulk, Fresh Bratwurst)
  •  13-14 lb Bone in Pork Chops in 1.5 lb packages with two chops per pack
  •  12-13 lb Pork Shoulder Roasts in 3 lb roast packages
  •  6-7 lb Bacon (msg & nitrite free) in 1 lb packages
  •  12-13 lb Ham Roasts (msg & nitrite free)
  •  4-5 lb Ham Steaks (msg & nitrite free)
  • 2-3 lb Spare Ribs in two 3 lb packs
  •  2 lb Neck Bones
  •  3lb Hocks
  • Organ meat & fat available upon request

After placing your deposit, please fill out our processing form available here. If you’d like to provide special processing instructions, please call 815-572-4833 for details. We can have your half hog cut to your exact specifications. Prices and weights on special cuts can vary. Click here to place a Deposit

Did you know?

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A few words from our customers.

Beautiful, delicious leg of lamb delivered to our door. So much better than a lamb shipped from halfway across the world! Excellent customer service and top quality meat -- thank you Hasselmann Family Farm! Amy P., Arlington Heights