Bacon, Cottage Bacon, Jowl Bacon – I’m confused!

Traditional bacon comes from the pork belly and is smoked. Cottage bacon comes from the pork shoulder, but is smoked and sliced like bacon. It is leaner and meatier than bacon. It also comes in larger slices, making it a great option for amazing BLTs and sandwiches. Jowl bacon comes from the cheek of the animal, and is also smoked. The slices are smaller, and thinner, and are less lean than regular bacon. The fat rendered is very creamy and rich, which makes it a great option for pasta carbonara, spinach salad with bacon vinaigrette, or any other preparation where you would like to use wonderful rich bacon fat along with crisp bacon!

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"In 1910, 88 percent of America's chickens were in flocks of less than 80 hens" Source The Moving Feast by Allan Nation

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I have had great service and amazing beef, eggs, and pork from Hasselmann's. I am looking forward to a nice huge turkey for Thanksgiving! Lisa T. Oregon, IL