Whole Hogs for Home Processing

Whole Hogs for Home Processing

We are excited to offer whole hogs for home processing. These whole hogs will need to be picked up from the farm on a limited date so that they can be offered fresh. Please allow around 2 weeks for pick up at farm.  Hogs can weigh between 170-220 lbs, and final price is $2.50 per lb (does not include sales tax).

Place a $75 deposit here to reserve your hog, balance is due prior to delivery. 


Did you know?

Most eggs are laid between 7 and 11 am.

A few words from our customers.

I know the farmer who produces the eggs, pork and poultry that I eat. Can you say that about meats and eggs at a megamart? What else do you need? You need more? Ok. It is the best tasting meat and eggs I have ever had. Dan, Chicago