Delivery Area Map

We now have delivery areas set up to make it easier for customers to track their delivery dates and to know exactly the areas we deliver to! Once you know your delivery area, please refer to our calendar to find our next delivery date!  Currently we are delivering every Wednesday.  However please note: We have a very large delivery area and cannot deliver to the same area every week.  For this reason please allow us two Wednesday’s, from when you place your order for delivery to be made.  

Please use the following map to locate your delivery area. If you are with a shaded region, then we offer free home delivery on orders over $125 (*$15 handling fee for Chicago center or FAR north suburbs)! There is a $10.00-$20.00 delivery fee for orders between $50-125, depending on your location.

If you are not located in a shaded area, but are located inside the pink boundary, then there is a $500 minimum order and a $15 handling fee for delivery.    Once you place an order online delivery will be made within the next two scheduled delivery days which are currently on Wednesdays.

Please note: We cannot offer next day delivery.

Delivery will be made within 14 days of when you place your order online.  

Green: North Delivery Area

Blue: Northwest Delivery Area

Red: West Delivery Area

Yellow: Far Northwest Delivery Area

Did you know?

Female chickens are called pullets for their first year or until they begin to lay eggs. Then, they are called hens.

A few words from our customers.

Hasselmann Family Farms is the only place I buy my meats, poultry, eggs, etc. The quality of their products, as well as their service, are far beyond anyplace else I have tried. I feel very fortunate to have found this local family farm! Debbie C., St. Charles, IL