A note from a customer…


We received this note from a customer shortly after Thanksgiving. We’re so happy to have helped make this holiday meal special for this family!

This is to Scott and the whole Hasselmann Family Farm group.  I first heard about you at the Palatine Farmers Market.  I am a Health Coach and am always looking for sources of good quality foods for my family and my clients.  I called Scott about a week before Thanksgiving in hopes that I would still be able to obtain a Thanksgiving turkey from him but was pretty sure I was not going to have much luck.  Scott called me back and because I live in Arlington Heights and could pick it up from his dad, he said he would have one available for me.  It was a 25 pounder!

I usually purchase organic turkeys from Whole Foods for Thanksgiving and this was my first turkey from you.  THIS TURKEY WAS WITHOUT A DOUBT THE MOST FANTASTIC, SUCCULENT BIRD MY FAMILY AND GUESTS HAVE EVER TASTED!!!!!   I thought my husband was going to eat half the bird while carving before he could even get it to the table.  The meat was so tender it was just falling off the bone.  I just wanted to send my sincere gratitude for not only going above and beyond with your kindness of letting me order one at such a late date but for providing such quality in a world where most of our food supply is lacking.  Please know that what you do is so very much appreciated by the people you are able to serve.
Have a blessed Holiday. 
S. Ready