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Farm History

A True Family Farm

George Hasselmann & Friend

Hasselmann Family Farm is a traditional family farm, with family working side by side in the daily operations of their farm in Marengo, IL (only 60 miles from Chicago). The Hasselmann family has been farming in Chicago for over 100 years. It all began when Henry Hasselmann and his family migrated to the United States from Hanover, Germany in the late 1800s.   Shortly after arriving in the United States, they purchased an 80-acre farm at the intersection of Touhy and Wolf roads in Des Plaines, Illinois. Here in northern Illinois’s rich, dark prairie soils, they raised vegetables for the thriving turn-of-the-century Chicago market. The Hasselmann family farmed at this Des Plaines location for over 75 years until 1966. At this time, Henry Hasselmann’s son George Henry and his son George D. moved the operation to Oakton Street in Elk Grove Village, IL. In Elk Grove Township, they established a thriving mushroom business for many years, formerly known as “Supreme Meadow Mushrooms”. From the mid-1960s, through the late 1980s, they produced and sold thousands of pounds of mushrooms. Marketing the mushrooms off the farm, to the south water market in Chicago, and to many local area restaurants. While also been a regular vendor at the Des Plaines and Mt. Prospect farmers markets for many years. Inspired by his family’s history of farming, George Scott Hasselmann started his livestock farming venture, Hasselmann Family Farm Inc., which was formed in 2005 at the Elk Grove farm. By 2006, Scott had outgrown the Elk Grove location and expanded to a family-owned farm in Lanark, IL. Scott and his family consisting of his wife Nena, son George Henry II, and daughter Alexia farmed for four years at the Lanark location. In 2010, the family decided it was time to sell the Lanark farm and purchase a farm closer to the Chicago market and the roots the family had in the area. In 2010, they settled on a stunning farm southwest of Marengo, Illinois. Slowly they started to turn the 80-acre farm into a diversified crop and livestock farm, by immediately planting half of its area into permanent perennial pasture for grazing. Many improvements were made to the farm to ensure it provides the best care for its animals. Today, Scott looks back at how his ancestors farmed and focuses on sustainable farming. He aims to raise animals with love, care, and dedication. 

The Founder

Scott Hasselmann is the owner and operator of Hasselmann Family Farm. Scott has a master’s degree from Brandeis University in Sustainable International Development and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agronomy from Western Illinois University. In addition, he served as an Agricultural Volunteer in the Peace Corps in Nicaragua from 1999 to 2001 where he met his wife and love of his life, Nena. Scott’s focus is to provide clean, healthy, sustainable food for your family. At Hasselmann Farm, we use a regenerative approach to farming and believe that the small family farm is one of the community and America’s greatest assets.