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Farm History

A True Family Farm

George Hasselmann & Friend

Hasselmann Family Farm is a true family farm with three generations working side by side in the daily operations of their farm in Marengo, IL (only 60 miles from Chicago). The Hasselmann family has a long history of farming in the Chicagoland area. Beginning when Henry Hasselmann and his family migrated to the United States from Hanover Germany in the late 1800’s.   Shortly after their arrival in the U.S., they settled on an 80 acre farm at the intersection of Touhy and Wolf roads in Des Plaines, Illinois. It was here in the rich dark prairie soils of northern Illinois where they raised vegetables for the thriving turn of the century Chicago market. The Hasselmann family farmed at this Des Plaines location for over 75 years until 1966. At which time Henry Hasselmann’s son George Henry and his son George D. moved the operation to Oakton Street in Elk Grove Village, IL.

In Elk Grove Township they ran a thriving mushroom business for many years, formerly known as “Supreme Meadow Mushrooms”. From the mid 1960’s, through the late 1980’s they produced and sold many thousands of pounds of mushrooms. Marketing the mushrooms off the farm, to south water market in Chicago and to many local area restaurants. While also being regular vendors at the Des Plaines and Mt. Prospect farmers markets for many years. Sadly, in early 2008, the family patriarch George Henry I passed away at 99 years of age, after farming for over 70 years in the Des Plaines and Elk Grove areas.

He was however, able to see his grandson George Scott Hasselmann start his own livestock farming venture Hasselmann Family Farm Inc., which was formed in 2005 at the Elk Grove farm. By 2006 Scott had out grew the Elk Grove location and expanded to a family owned farm in Lanark, IL. Scott and his family consisting of his wife Nena, son George Henry II, and daughter Alexia farmed for four years at the Lanark location. In 2010 the family decided it was time to sell the Lanark farm, and purchase a farm closer to the Chicago market and the roots the family had in the area. In 2010 they settled on a beautiful 80 acre farm southwest of Marengo, Illinois. Slowly they started to turn the 80 acre farm into a diversified crop and livestock farm, by immediately planting half of its area to permanent perennial pasture for grazing. Many capital improvements were made such as water lines, buildings and fences in order to shelter the cattle, hogs and poultry. By late 2012 the farm was up and running well, but then the family suffered a tremendous loss when Barb Hasselmann passed away unexpectedly.

At present in 2021 the farm operation has grown considerably in size of production and customers served.    Scott manages product inventory and oversees production of both crops and livestock. His wife Nena monitors the quality of our eggs as she personally washes, candles and packs the eggs. Their two children George Henry II (age 16) and Alexia (age 12), help with collecting eggs and also have their own duck egg business. In 2011 Martha Lopez (Nena’s mother) joined the farm operation full time when she relocated here from Nicaragua. Her sister Maria joined us in 2019 and also works and resides on the farm. The Lopez sisters tireless work ethic keeps everything running smoothly, as they assist with everyday feeding chores,  while also preparing many delicious home cooked meals. George D. Hasselmann a spry 80 year old is the back bone of the farm. His duties include all types of tractor work like plowing, discing, cultivating, as well as cutting, raking and baling hay.

Family are not the only ones that keep the farm running smoothly we also have some awesome part time helpers. Our hired man Jaime, who is like family to us, started at Hasselmann Farm in 2010 and has become a vital member of our operation. His primary job is to make sure all the livestock facilities are clean, well kept and in good repair. In addition, he is responsible for the maintenance of our tractors and equipment, as well as grinding feed and balancing the rations for our pigs and chickens.

In addition, we also have some amazing marketing helpers that do a great job keeping the marketing end of the farm running. Julie Govert has been with us since 2012 and does a great job keeping all our books and paper work in proper order. Jennifer Satut our top notch web designer started with us in 2011 and is in charge of website development, social media marketing and customer relations. Jack Durham joined our team as a delivery driver in 2019 and manages our weekly home delivery service.