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Berkshire Hogs

We are pleased to offer Half & Whole Berkshire Hogs, as well as Whole Berkshire Hogs for Home Processing (seasonally).  This is a a great way to save money while stocking your family’s freezer with high quality pasture raised pork. Berkshire Pork is prized by both home & professional chefs for it’s superior flavor and amazing taste! Deposits for May/June 2022 delivery are available on our shop website. Once these sell out we will start taking deposits for November/December 22, prices for these deposits are yet to be determined.

Whole Berkshire Hogs, Half Berkshire hogs, processed for home delivery

Our Whole Berkshire Hogs yield around 140 lbs of take home meat, and pricing includes standard cut processing & delivery.  Read more about our Whole Berkshire Hogs. Click here for current pricing and deposit availability 

Our Half Berkshire Hogs yield around 70 lbs of take home meat, and pricing includes standard processing & delivery. Read more about our Half Berkshire Hogs. Click here for current pricing and deposit availability. 

We also offer Whole Berkshire Hogs for home processing seasonally. Hogs weigh between 170-220 lbs., and cost $2.75/lb. They must be picked up from the farm. 

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