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Whole Berkshire Hogs

Pasture Raised * Sustainable * Humane

Please check our online store for available Fall of 2024 Whole Hogs deposits.  After these sell out we will start taking deposits for the winter of 2025.

Whole Berkshire hogs yield approximately 140 lb. of take-home meat, and pricing includes standard processing. It does not include sales tax. Click here for current pricing and deposit availability. If no deposits are listed, check back for new inventory in a couple of weeks. There is a $25 discount for whole Berkshire hogs picked up from the farm. All the meat will come individually wrapped in easy-to-use portions in the cuts listed below. All of our bacon and hams are sodium nitrite and MSG-free. You can share a hog with family and friends, but we will only deliver to one location and the customer must divide up the cuts themselves if sharing. Berkshire pork is amazingly high quality and prized by both chefs & home cooks alike! 

Ready to order? Head over to our online store! Are you looking for additional information on our other bulk hog options? See our pages about our half hogs OR our whole hogs for home processing!

Whole Hog Standard Cuts – approximately 135-140 lbs of take-home Berkshire Pork

  • Berkshire Pork Chops (Bone-in)1″ Bone in Chops 2 per pack (average 30 lb total)
  •  Spare Ribs (average 6 lb total)
  •  Uncured Ham Roast and Steaks (msg and nitrite free) (average 35 lb total)
  •  Uncured Bacon (msg and nitrite free) (average 18 lb total)
  •  Whole hog breakfast bulk sausage (average 6 lb total)
  •  Ground Pork (average 6 lb total)
  •  Bratwurst (average 6 lb total)
  •  Shoulder Roasts and Steaks (average 35 lb total)
  •  Neck bones (average 4 lb)
  •  Fresh Hocks (average 6 lb)