Half Hog Order Form

Please note: We are currently sold out of whole/half hogs for 2020.  We will start taking deposits for Feb/March 2021 pigs in November. 

Please use the following form to provide processing instructions AFTER placing a deposit for your half hog.  Thank you for your interest in our farm!

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    Front Shoulder Area
    1/2 hog orders get 1 full shoulder which includes one of the following options:

    Back Leg
    Choose from one of the following options:

    Choose from one of the following options:

    Sausage/Ground Pork
    Ground pork amounts vary depending on other cut choices and size.
    1/2 hog averages 8 lbs of ground meat. Choose ONE option below:

    Choose one option:

    Choose one option:

    Hocks (do not select option if you selected picnic shoulder above)
    Choose one option:

    Fat & Skin
    Would you like us to include the fat or skin?

    Would you like us to include the organs (heart, tongue, liver) for no charge?

    All 1/2 hog orders include approx 2.5 lbs of spare ribs and approx 2 lbs neck bones

    Did you know?

    The State of Illinois imports 95 percent of its food from outside our border. (FarmWeek)

    A few words from our customers.

    I purchase a supply of meats, chicken, and eggs from the farm once a month. I have tried everything from leg of lamb to ground beef to bacon and pork roast. These are the best meat products I have ever enjoyed. It makes me feel good to know that the meats and eggs from Hasselmann Farm are safe and that the animals are humanely treated. Elizabeth