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Internship Opportunities

For the 2023 Season we are seeking 1 to 2 Interns 

We are seeking a full season intern May to November. Or a summer intern June to August, start and end date are negotiable for both upon application. 

  • Must be 18 years of age at the start of internship
  • Stipend of ($600.00 per month) for full interns or ($500.00 per month) for summer interns is provided for incidentals, along with some mid day meals.  Also, a monthly meat and egg bundle for the intern to prepare in the apartment.  
  • Housing is provided in the form of a private apartment with wifi, kitchen, and shower facilities.
  • College Agriculture school student preferred, but not required.  We are willing to work within means of a college student’s school schedule.
  • Approximately 40 hrs. per week, working 5 days per week with two days off.  Average hours would be Mon-Fri, 6 hours per day.  Helping with farmers markets on Saturdays is a must.  Hours will vary per farm needs with some weekend hours required including Sunday.  Some days may require hours ranging from as early as 4 am. or as late as 9pm, but not to exceed a 10 hour work day. Work schedule is based on working five days a week and off two days.  Saturdays and Wednesdays are farmer’s market sales and/or farm store sales.
  • Livestock experience is not required, but a good work ethic and attitude are.
  • Applicants must be in good physical shape and not afraid to get hands dirty.  Ideal candidate works well with others, has a positive go-getter attitude with a clean cut appearance.
  • Spanish speaking skills are a plus, but not required.
  • A valid driver’s license is required.  Must have their own transportation to and from the farm.  Ability to drive a delivery van or farm equipment is a plus.
  • Intern should expect to work in weather conditions including rain and summer heat.
  • Mandatory factor in determining a candidate requires a two day checkout prior to acceptance.

Duties would include, but not limited to:  Animal care, letting out chickens to feed, cleaning pens, and moving livestock to different pastures.  Working in garden beds, weeding, planting and picking. Preparing orders, collecting, washing and packaging eggs.  Making deliveries, farmers market sales, general farm work, making/bailing hay, and feeding/watering chores.  Heavy lifting involved (lifting meat, feed buckets and moving meat coolers).  Being able to do well interacting with customers at farmers markets is definitely an important part of the job.  Duties vary day to day depending on the needs of the farm and season.  For example, one day may be only business aspects including market sales, preparation of products for sales or deliveries of products.  Other days will be more chore related including providing feed and water for livestock, making hay, cleaning pens or collecting eggs, etc.  Around 50 percent of work time may be for marketing and sales, and packing orders.

Upon completion of the four month internship, we would hope that the applicant would acquire basic animal husbandry skills and learn about regenerative agriculture. They would also learn the fundamentals of how a small, pasture based livestock farm operates and how we add value to our meat and egg products by selling them directly to our customers.  You will gain a large number of skills relating to running your own small, diversified farm in the future if that is your desire.

All applications are welcome. The deadline to apply is March 15th, 2023,. Please send resume, completed internship application/questionnaire (see below), cover letter and 3 personal references by email to:  If your qualifications meet our standards we will contact you to schedule a phone or on farm (preferred) interview.

Internship Application



Date of Birth:



Email Address:

Are you interested in the full or summer internship? 


  1. Why are you interested in Hasselmann Family Farm and this position?
  2. What previous experience are you bringing to this position and what practical skills would you hope to acquire?
  3. We raise animals for meat on the farm. What is your perspective on the role animals play on a small farm?
  4. Do you have any experience working in a farm environment?
  5. Do you have any allergies, food restrictions, or physical limitations that might affect your ability to do farm work?
  6. Please tell us something interesting about yourself (hobbies, pastimes, travels, etc.)