Farm Visits


Hasselmann Farm 1While we truly do love getting to know our customers, and love when people visit – we are absolutely a “working farm.” And given that its only our family (and one part time farm hand) working the farm, it can be very hard for us to stop working when someone drops by to visit. We spend much of our days out in the barns caring for the animals, out in the field tending crops, or out in pasture chasing down pigs and cows. As a result, we usually are dirty from working in these conditions, and it is hard for us to stop what we are doing and get cleaned up to handle products and take care of customers. When customers randomly drop by, it makes it extremely difficult for us to get our farm work done.

We know that our customers want to see for themselves how we raise our animals, and we appreciate that! And for that reason we are open every Wednesday 9 to 5 pm. and Saturday from 9 to 2 pm. (see Our Calender) to make ourselves available for folks to come by and pick up orders at the farm.  It gives you a chance to see our farm in action, pick up some tasty products – and gives us a chance to chat for a bit without falling behind on chores! We encourage you to take advantage of those days and come by then. If you can’t make it on a Wednesday or Saturday, and need to make arrangements to pick up orders on a different day, we can generally accommodate this as well as long as you give us a few days notice.  Please note we are CLOSED ON SUNDAYS.  This farm is our home, and our livelihood, and we hope that our customers understand.

Did you know?

One quarter acre of good pasture can carry up to four nursing sows and their litters.

A few words from our customers.

I know the farmer who produces the eggs, pork and poultry that I eat. Can you say that about meats and eggs at a megamart? What else do you need? You need more? Ok. It is the best tasting meat and eggs I have ever had. Dan, Chicago