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Whole Hogs

Our goal is to provide clean, healthy, humanly raised meat & eggs for our customers

If we have deposits available, they are listed on our shop website. If you don’t see deposits listed, then we are currently sold out. Demand right now is very high, and we are frequently sold out. Check back in a week or two for additional availability.

About our Whole Berkshire Hogs 

Prices include processing and free delivery within 80 miles of our farm in Marengo, IL. Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery after ordering. All the pork will come individually wrapped in easy to use portions. All of our bacon and hams are sodium nitrite and MSG free. Pricing for the spring of 2022 will be $900 for a whole Berkshire hog and deposits may be placed below. (We also carry Berkshire Pork in a wide variety of cuts, available for free home delivery to the Chicago area for orders over $125 in our online  store.)

Orders indicating fresh hams & belly (not smoked) can be ready quicker.

whole Berkshire hog will yield approximately the following cuts (approximate take home weight is 135 lbs):

Berkshire Pork Chops from Whole Berkshire Hog

  • 17-18 lbs. Sausage (choice of breakfast bulk sausage, Ground Pork, Italian Bulk, Fresh Bratwurst) Choose two options for whole one option for half option
  •  28 lb Bone in Pork Chops in 1.5 lb packages with two chops per pack
  •  26 lb Pork Shoulder Roasts in 3 lb roast packages
  •  14-15 lb Bacon (msg & nitrite free) in 1 lb packages
  •  26.0 lb Ham Roasts (msg & nitrite free)
  •  10.0 lb Ham Steaks (msg & nitrite free)
  •  6.0 lb Spare Ribs in two 3.5 lb packs
  •  4.0 lb Neck Bones
  •  6.0 lb Hocks

Other processing options are available, please call 815 572 4833 for details, we can have your whole hog cut to your exact specifications. Prices and weights on special cuts can vary. We also have whole roaster hogs available, please call for details.

About Hasselmann Family Farm

Hasselmann Family Farm is a true family farm with three generations working side by side in the daily operations of the farm. The farm is located in Marengo, IL, only 60 miles from Chicago. Scott Hasselmann began his farming venture in 2005, and daily farm chores & operations are tended to by him, his wife Nena, and their two small children. They are aided daily by Nena’s mother Martha & Scott’s father George. The value and enjoy working together with family and friends to produce healthy, tasty and humanely-raised food for their customers

Whole Berkshire Hog

  • Pasture-raised Berkshire Pigs, Chicken, Grass-fed Beef, Lamb & Eggs from a  wide variety of heritage hens
  • No antibiotics, growth hormones or animal by-products in any feed rations
  • All meat is processed and packed at a local family owned & operated processing facility
  • Sustainable farming practices, such as crop rotation, composting and growing  non-GMO small grains & organic hay to provide winter feed