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Grass-fed Beef Quarters

100% grass-fed beef quarters are a great way to stock your freezer and save on humane & sustainable meat throughout the year! Our grass-fed beef quarters come processed in easy-to-use packages, cuts and quantities and include both familiar items as well as a few cuts that might be new to you! See the details below for approximately what to expect. Looking for another great way to fill a freezer? Be sure to check out our whole & half hogs!

Please note: when available,  deposits for our grass-fed beef quarters are listed on our shop website. If you don’t see deposits listed, then we are currently sold out. Demand right now is very high, and we are frequently sold out. Check back in a week or two for additional availability.

Price per grass-fed beef quarter is $16.00 per pound, and yield approximately 90 to 100 lbs. of take home meat per quarter for a total cost of around $1520. By purchasing the processed and ready for delivery 1/4’s you save around $100.00.  We have a very limited supply for 2023. This price includes processing, but does not include sales tax. All of our grass-fed beef is dry aged for 2 weeks, and will be packaged in easy to use 1-3 lb. portions.  You can place a deposit for a grass-fed beef quarter here: All grass-fed beef quarters must be paid in full BEFORE delivery is made.  

On average, a quarter beef will yield:

grassfed beef quarters, grass-fed beef on pasture

Please note that these weights vary from animal to animal and these numbers are just an estimate. Actual final weight will be around 90 to 100 lbs.  All of our meat is packaged in easy to use portions of 1 lb. to 3 lb. each package and delivered frozen. 

25 lb. Ground beef  (in 25 1 lb. packages)
5.5 lb. Soup bones (3 to 4 packs)
4 lb. Rib eye Steaks (6 to 7 packs)
3.5 lb. NY Strips (6 to 7 packs)   (or 7 to 8 packs T bone steaks)
1.5 lb. Tenderloin Filet (3 to 5 packs)  (or 7 to 8 Packs T bone steaks)
3 lb. Short Ribs (1 pack)
5 lb. Beef Stew Meat  (4 to 5 packs)
6 lb. Sirloin Steaks (4 to 5 packs)
7 lb. Arm Roasts  ( 2 packs)
9 lb. Chuck Roasts (3 to 4 packs)
3.4 lb. Sirloin Tip Roast (1 pack)
2.75 lb. Beef Brisket (1 pack)
3 lb. Rump Roast ( 1 pack)
5 lb. Round or cubed steaks (3 to 5 packs)
1 lb. Flank or Skirt Steak ( 1 to 2 packs)
Beef Liver Available by request for $11.00 per pound extra.